AI v Human in Digital Marketing

AI v Human in Digital Marketing

AI v Human in Digital Marketing

Surprise, Surprise the Future of Digital Marketing is Human not Artificial Intelligence (AI) …

The healthiest way to approach new technologies in marketing, like Artificial Intelligence (AI), is to realise that they are there to augment.

When new technologies take over certain tasks that don’t have to be done by humans, marketing teams can devote valuable time to more fruitful endeavours.

Marketers can concentrate on figuring out new ways to better connect to and engage categories of customers utilising greatly improved customer intelligence. Introducing new technologies isn’t just about saving time and money. It’s about expanding the quality time human marketers can now spend on superior customer interactions and creative work.

Human participation, oversight, and judgment are required for the foreseeable future of digital marketing. Many marketing roles will shift and new skills will be required.

To continue to be relevant into the future, digital marketers should take a long look at what has and hasn’t worked over the past several years, and then assess the role of technology for future forms of marketing. Marketers can then figure out how to integrate technology with all other aspects of marketing while fighting the impulse to simply let technology “do everything”. Customers are humans; technology is always subservient to human benefits and needs.

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