Communication and marketing for post Covid 19

Communication and marketing for post Covid 19

Communication and marketing for post Covid 19

This forced time out offers a great opportunity to review your business communication and marketing
Web Strategies Australia is offering a FREE two hour communications audit to assist you with your communications and marketing planning while we are all in isolation! Email us or contact Annie O’Shea on 0412 169 664

There are four critical steps required to complete your Communications and Marketing Business Review.

STEP 1: Current State – internal and external communications

STEP 2: Research – customers, competitors and industry sector world wide

STEP 3: Business goals

STEP 4: Strategy, plan and budget

Knowledge is power WSA Communications Audit will identify:

  • Strengths and weakness in your current communications activity
  • What communications have been most effective?
  • What do customers think of your communications?
  • What strategies are your competition and industry sector using?
  • Key audiences, what they currently know about your business, service, product or organisation, what they need and want to know and how they prefer to be reached
  • What are your current goals and objectives for communications?
  • Do your communications support our overall strategic plan for our business or organisation?
  • What would make your communications more effective in the future?
  • Untapped opportunities for future communications